Snowbird Migration Time Again (Or “Adventures in Flying”)

As regular readers know, we’re snowbirds. Birdwatchers know snowbirds, right?

Now’s the time when all of this stuff should be gone from our neighborhood, with luck.


Time when a Florida snowbird’s thoughts turn to Michigan’s lilacs and strawberries and Cherry Festival.

We’re hoping this year’s flight north is much, much better than last year’s. In case you missed it, here’s what happened on the northward return last June:

  • Our plane landed in the middle of a cornfield in the middle of the dark and stormy night instead of at the expected airport where loved ones waited three hours before.
  • We were grateful to be on the ground safely, but we were two hundred miles from our destination and the entire cornfield airport was closed!
  • We couldn’t get so much as a can of soda. Of course, we’d had no dinner because what airline serves food on a 45 minute flight?
  • We rented a car and drove three hours in the pitch-black without a seeing-eye dog to navigate.
  • A local cop pulled us over at 2:00 a.m. only ten miles from our coveted warm bed! (Are you kidding me??!!)
  • He said, very politely, that he’d stopped us for failing to dim our headlights within 500 feet of oncoming traffic! (Traffic? What traffic?)
  • We were so bleary-eyed we had no strength to argue that our rental’s bright lights weren’t turned on and we’d encountered nothing but a possum parade for more than 50 miles!

Maybe, instead of worrying about the trip, the mystery/suspense/thriller writer half of this snowbird team turns her thoughts to Revenge the Sue Grafton Way. What do you think? Have you had any not-so-fab “adventures in flying” lately?

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