About Snowbird Lives

Have you ever dreamed of living somewhere else while staying right where you are? We did. We loved our home and our friends and family, and our jobs in Michigan. But we hated frigid winters and endless dreary days between beautiful seasons.

Someday, we thought, we’d be snowbirds. We’d live in perpetual summer. We’d have two homes. We’d travel between them. We’d stay in touch with all of our friends and family. And we’d never scrape ice off our windshields with a credit card again!

Someday. But not now. We’d spent ten years establishing our careers. We were too young. Our nest egg had barely started to grow. Retirement was decades away. For the time being, we scheduled regular trips to sunny climates during the winter months and bought new coats for the weeks we couldn’t get away.

As so often happens, providence solved our dilemma for us. A job offer. Out of the blue. To move to Florida. It was a start-up. Risky. It meant leaving secure jobs that paid well and where our futures seemed assured. It meant starting over. Impossible. We weren’t brave enough to make that leap, we thought.

Until we started to think about not whether but how to make it happen.

That was 1992. We made the leap and we’ve loved every new adventure our snowbird lifestyle presents. (Well, maybe not all of what we call “adventures in flying”…)

We started this website to share what we’ve learned about living location independent as snowbirds. We’ll share the practical things we’ve learned and the resources we’ve found along the way. Maybe some of what we offer here will be useful to you as you gather your own adventurous spirit and make the leap to snowbird living. We hope so!

We hope you’ll share your experiences with us, too. We’re snowbirds always looking to continue the adventure!